Oferta laboral

Compartimos con ustedes una oferta laboral que nos hicieron llegar desde el Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences (MCNS, Karnataka, India):

Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, Dr TMA Pai Planetarium Building, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal 576 104, Karnataka, India wishes to appoint PDF (s)/ Assistant professor (s), working on Vertebrate Palaeontology (particularly Mesozoic reptiles/fishes, marine or non-marine) and on taxonomy of plant fossils (a palaeobotanist) for one, two or more years depending upon the interest and qualification of the candidates. The interested candidates should send their biodata and application to:
Dr. Mohini Gupta, Director Dr. Dhirendra K. Pandey, Professor
e-mail: mohini.gupta@manipal.edu e-mail: dhirendra.pandey@manipal.edu
Earth and Planetary Sciences Group / Palaeontology
Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences
Dr TMA Pai Planetarium Building
Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Manipal 576 104, Karnataka, India
MCNS: +91 820 2923571

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